Designed to invoke energy, positivity and creativity through the use of color and geometric shape the possibilities with Supreme’s signature Echt design are limitless. Clients can personalize anything they can imagine. To inquire about Solely Supreme’s custom apparel, paintings, residential and even commercial murals email us here.


This 24″ X 36″ piece was created with a custom color scheme in order to add color and energy to our collectors family room. To order your personalized Solely Supreme painting email us by clicking here.


This 9″ X 11″ mixed media piece abstracts the Hibiscus, which is one of the largest flowers of any plant. It grows up to 30 feet tall in warm tropical climates like Hawaii, but up to 15 feet tall in the U.S. mainland.To order your personalized Solely Supreme painting email us by clicking here.


This 36″ X 36″ mixed media piece depicts the mysterious ancient Egyptian queen ‘Queen Nefertiti’ who was one of the most powerful women in the ancient times. To order your personalized Solely Supreme painting email us by clicking here.

“Limitless” Mural

This piece was designed with the intent to provide energy, positivity and oneness as our client and guests enter his home. With the client’s eclectic style of home decor his mural completes the rooms liveliness from top to bottom.  For all mural inquiries contact us by email or  click here.

“Minor Setback for a Major Comeback”

Developed over the course of 54 hours, this 17’ x 8’ Mural was designed as the centerpiece of this homeowners family room. By using a color palette selected by the client Supreme’s abstract was used to bring positive and up-lifiting energy to those entering and exiting the space. For mural inquiries and designs contact us by clicking here.

“Atom Smasher”

“Atom Smasher” is geometric abstract representation Rocakaways Playland. From 1901 – 1986 people of all ages had the opportunity to enjoy one of New York City’s largest amusement parks. Thrill seekers enjoyed an arcade, bumper cars, a merry-go-round, and a six-story roller coaster on Queens’ shorefront. This piece was crafted on a 30” x 40” stretched canvas using a variety of vibrant colors, sharp angles, layers to create depth and detail. This allowed Supreme’s latest client the opportunity to revisit and hold on to one of his favorite childhood memories. To order your personalized Solely Supreme painting email us by clicking here.


Crafted over the course of 6 weeks, Solidarity is Supreme’s abstract representation of the harsh conditions longshoremen endure. This piece was originally commissioned for a Port of Baltimore retiree but quickly spread like wildfire among longshoremen and stevedores world-wide. Order your Solidarity print by clicking here.

“Alaya” Mural

Dedicated to the birth of Supreme’s God-Daughter, the “Alaya” mural was consecutively crafted over the course of  22 hours. By request of the client this signature Echt designed piece was intended to promote energy, positivity an vibrancy for all guests of –  The Room –  new restaurant and bistro located at 800 St Paul St, Baltimore Maryland. For mural inquiries contact us by clicking here.

“Off The Wall”

Step In style with vibrant apparel! Customize your apparel painted with Supreme’s signature Echt design with the color scheme of your choice. For  your one-of-one apparel contact us by clicking here.

“Blood Of A King”

Blood Of A King is Supreme’s abstract representation of Africa’s rich history, and resources like diamonds, gold and oil, as well as it’s variety of cultures and languages. This piece was commissioned as an experimental work which encompassed mixed media to highlight the continent unified under the Pan-African Flag. To order your personalized Solely Supreme painting email us by clicking here.

“Iron Horse”

Iron Horse is Supreme’s depiction of an abstracted New York City during the graffiti era of the 1970’s and 80’s. This piece was commissioned to highlight memories of the client’s childhood growing up in Brooklyn. Using a requested color palette of orange, gray, and yellow as well as mixed media a 3-D effect  displays depth highlighting both the abstract  in the background and the 2-Train as it heads in the viewers direction. The graffiti superimposed over the train was inspired by original designs from nationally recognized graffiti artists Kween & Flip. based in Houston, Texas. To order your personalized Solely Supreme painting email us by clicking here.