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Whats the “Elephant in the Room”?  This 8-foot canvas was created to represent the fact that #AfricanAmericans are being slaughtered throughout the country  and the conversation remains taboo. When you look into the background you’ll notice that the texture gives a swirling motion that continuously moves your eyes from #victim to victim, this serves as a reminder that we can not keep our attention on our livelihood as a people long enough to produce a change. For some reason we’re so consumed on following trends, celebrity gossip,or reality TV that we forget about the day to day circumstances we’re subjected to in the U.S.  Of course you’ve noticed the names of several victims who’ve died over the year at the hands of law enforcement, in most cases the officers were exonerated of the charges. By separating the names of the black bar my intention was to bring to light how we look at these deaths as isolated incidents and events only because it didn’t happen in our city or to people we know. Take Baltimore for example we marched we protested but we didn’t unify until #FreddieGray ‘s untimely death. Each time the bars are intersecting you’ll notice a white space, which symbolizes the fact that we as a people can never truly unify without interference from corporate structures, private prison systems or police typically lead by someone other than our race or who has  never shared similar life experiences. We continue to allow what opportunities they choose to give us, separate us. Your job, tax bracket, your social class, your neighborhood, relying on government assistance… all of these things we allow to keep us from growing as a race and culture. On each of the chalk outline bodies Are the words “I am” unknowingly at any given moment we as black men and women have a higher chance of being the next hashtag by being choked or shot to death on any street at any time.  This problem is too big to ignore. This ginormous 3′ x 8’ piece lead the front lines of the #BmoreFerguson march on November 25th 2014 where #BlackLivesMatter protestors rallied for justice after former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was exonerated of all charges after fatally shooting unarmed teen Mike Brown.

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Dimensions 36 x 2 x 96 in


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