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Solely – (adv.) “Without another, to the exclusion of all else.”

Supreme - (adj.)“Absolute but crowning, excellent, extreme, final, first, incomparable, marvelous, unmatched, unparalleled...”

Born in Brooklyn New York, Supreme is a living example of an intuitive artist whose work reflects his dedication, precision, focus and the determination to re-introduce a unique brand of creativity to the forefront of our era. As a child, he watched his mother live a colorful balance of adventure, spontaneity and love, while also remaining structured and organized. This influenced his philosophy of life and became the building blocks that helped inspire, cultivate, and shape the foundation of what his artwork is today. Living by the motto of “No two days are alike”, allows him to constantly learn through new experiences, creating the depth his work displays.   

Overcoming his own hardships and illnesses were a major influence in developing the perseverance he exudes today. While in college, he was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dermatomyositis. This greatly affected the use of his hands. However, Supreme decided to do without traditional medicine and allowed his love for art, creativity, and self-expression to serve as a medicinal escape from the constant pain. In his world, giving up on his dream of becoming a world-traveling professional artist was never an option. Fighting through the pain strengthened his consistency, developed his patience and increased his confidence to continue perfecting his craft.  

Supreme’s stylized artwork, titled “Perfectionism” is his signature form of eye-catching and immaculate geometric paintings. His mother’s concept that everything had a place plays into how he boldly and meticulously represents order, flow, consistency and thoroughness, while also telling a story inspired by life events. 

His artistic process is one that is carefully thought out and well executed. Within three to four weeks, his pieces start off as miniature sketches that are then sketched again on large gallery canvases. Intentionally creating paintings that are larger than life shows his zeal for always being ready for a challenge. At this point, he carefully selects colors and specific locations of shapes that convey meaningful emotion and vibrancy throughout the painting. This unique progression also reveals the side of him that has the tendency to be a perfectionist, as he will, without question, recreate entire works that are even the least bit short of greatness. When his piece is completed, it is the greatest symbolism of overcoming life’s obstacles.

With his profound love and dedication to his craft, he strives to inspire the people who view his work by encouraging them to never give up. He sets an example that anyone can be Solely Supreme when they remain true to themselves and constantly give their best to be their best, no matter the situation. 

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